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Marilyn Roper is the sole proprietor of The Crystal Phoenix. She is a life-long musician and music teacher who taught music in Germany and most recently at St. Mary's School in Oneonta for 18 years until it closed in June of 2011. She has been a Reiki Master for many years and has gone on to learn other modalities as well. She learned Reconnective Healing from Eric Pearl, the founder of the system. Marilyn has also attended classes to learn Quantum Touch and Access Bars. She also does crystal healing and a sundry of other modalities. Quantum Touch is really her favorite and she finds it very easy to realign spines, shoulder blades and even occipital ridges quickly and painlessly. Recently she used a combination of QT and a Vogel-cut crystal to heal a bad gash in a leg. As the afflicted person said, "Oh look. The skin is closing right up." And it did! Healing energy of any modality always goes where it is needed.  For example, since starting to use QT a badly chipped front tooth restored itself almost entirely. She had not set out to heal the tooth--it decided to heal on its own. QT also heals emotional and physical wounds as well as making the client feel very relaxed. Quantum Touch can be used hands on or off. Just recently Marilyn has added tuning forks to Quantum Touch sessions. The body tuners (also known as Ying/Yang tuners) help realign the body. Using them is a great way to start off any energy healing session.

Reconnective Healing is a hand-off modality which also heals on deep levels. Access Bars is part of the Access Consciousness system. A Bars session is performed almost entirely on the head.The fingers touch 32 "bars" on the head. It can lead to deep healing and a sense of well being. At the end of the session the client is as relaxed as if he/she had had a full body massage.

Marilyn is a part of the Nuture Your Spirit group which does private healings together 3 Sundays a month. Look for more information about that group at She is also part of S.H.I.F.T.  This is a holistic living festival coming up in November of 2012 and will be held at the Foothills Performing Arts Center in Oneonta. It will also be a fund raiser for this important venue. More information can be found at

Appointments can be made with Marilyn by phoninng The Crystal Phoenix at 607-432-4943 or by calling directly at 607-437-0152. Her email is [email protected]

Marilyn is also a part of the "Nurture Your Spirit" group which offers healings and readings (psychic, Vedic astrology, Tarot) at the Holiday Inn on Oneonta's South Side on a regular basis.